Our experts work hard to pick out the best types of children’s clothing for our subscription model. We work tirelessly to find the best quality of kids close to offer through our subscription and we determine their quality by following a series of checks for the standard in each garment. Here are some of the ways that we chose the best children's clothing for our clothing subscription model:


High-quality stitching is required even in children's clothing from 0 to 6. High-quality stitching ensures that clothing will stay together even when your child is bending, moving or growing. We checked the stitching on every garment to ensure that it can be a long-lasting piece of clothing that won't have to be discarded due to a broken stitch or a tear.

Breathable fabrics:

Versatile children's clothing often comes with breathable fabrics that are easy to wash. We checked the status of every fabric blend and ensure that the quality of cotton and materials is at a designer quality. We can make sure that these items remain safe for use and versatile for a variety of seasons.

Timeless style:

As a subscription-based clothing company, we are trying to get clothing that is going to have multiple uses even after children outgrow it. The clothing that we have selected has a timeless style ensuring that it can be donated and redistributed to people in need while still offering quality fashions to new owners.

Ease of dressing:

As well as a high-quality stitching, fashion and ease of wash, we want to ensure that these items can be made easy for dressing and undressing. One of the biggest complaints that many parents have from ages 0 to 6 is getting kids in and out of clothes for changing, dressing and bedtime. The clothing we offer is easy for dressing kids 0-6 and designed to give parents an easier time in dressing their kids at a young age. Stylish clothing doesn't need to be difficult to get on and off!

If you are interested in learning more about our subscription-based children's clothing, contact us today.