Parents today are constantly struggling with finding clothes for their kids on a budget that will be something they can wear over the long term. Many kids outgrow clothing that still has plenty of use left in it. High quality fashions for kids are tough to invest in for the average parent that knows their child may only get 3-4 months out of a garment.

We want to change the way that parents are buying clothing for their kids and help parents feel better about investing in better fashions for their children. Rather than having to constantly go back and put clothing that no longer fits your child into bags or storage, you can return the items you get in the subscription model to us in exchange for future store credit or discounts, that will help parents pick out new fashions that fit their child.

With Zazz, as soon as your kids outgrow their old clothes, they can pick up something brand new while we take the older items on exchange. We take the older clothing that you send back to us and disperse it to charities and NGOS in need of donations. Your children’s old clothes go to a good cause, and you will get some new awesome, high quality clothing that will fit your child again.

This method for buying children’s clothing for kids aged 0-6 is a faster, more cost effective andway easier method of picking up clothing and a more environmentally friendly choice most of all. With Zazz, we can reduce waste by eliminating the clothing that find its way into landfills and also give parents a break in finding clothing that's going to suit their child's needs the best as they grow.

If you are a parent that wants to find a cooler, easier and more environmentally sustainable solution for great kids clothes, be sure to check out our store